Organization of MasterClass seminars by Lithuanian leaders.

2,5 hours of systematic information and active discussion on relevant topics at a time comfortable for you, after 6 p.m.


Psychology, pedagogy, healthy living, management of time and finances – a number of relevant topics, experienced lecturers, and discussions to answer all the questions you have been searching for the answers to.



MasterClass video on different topics by Lithuanian leaders.

Watch or listen at a time convenient to you – while working out, cooking, or travelling. Get the knowledge you need in the shortest time possible.


for corporate

Organization of internal training courses for businesses.

The best investment you can make for your team is knowledge.

Would you like to hear a MasterClass by a Leader, improve together with your team, and have a great time doing it?


We will gladly organize a training course for your business. Systematic information, a lecturer of your choice, and a relevant topic – the best way to build a stronger connection and engage in stimulating discussions.

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