Master Class Online webinar

How to train during the quarantine 

Arild Tveiten

Head coach of the 

world’s top triathlon team

Coach Arild Tveiten has established himself as one of the world’s premier high-performance triathlon coaches. In this master class you will hear the advice on how to continue the training during the quarantine, how to not lose the motivation and change your training system to maintain and progress. How the coaching itself has changed and more. It is also a good chance to receive answers to all the questions you have nowadays. 

Head coach of the world’s top triathlon team

Sports Director 

Author of unique training system

On 28 April 2018 Norway became the first nation ever to take full podium in a World Triathlon Series event when Casper Stornes, Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden showed the world what the “Norwegian triathlon power” is capable of. 

Arild Tveiten is the head coach of these athletes, and the man behind the transformation that is making Norway a true triathlon powerhouse.

What You will Learn?

How not to lose the motivation nowadays
How to structure the training system nowadays
What are the efficient endurance sports training principles nowadays
How does world class coaching changed nowadays
Advices on how to keep healthy work - mental balance during quarantine
How we will surprise the triathlon world in 2021

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