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Maral Kalajian

Global Women In Marketing Awards

Influencer and Industry Shaper

Maral will reveal the secrets of creating an engaging content and selecting the right social media channels to boost your sales without any budget. You will learn how to create hype, build reputation, get attention, and do marketing activities with or without a really small budget.

In this new MasterClass

Social Media Without Budget

You will learn...

How to attract target audience without budget

How to select the right social media channels 

Type of “engagers” who can build your brand awareness without a budget

The role of “social value” (retweet, positive reviews, brand mentions) 

How to create a user-friendly value proposition

How to optimize resources and channels 

Master class from one of the most prominent tech gurus from Scandinavia on how to create an engaging social media ad without budget. In many new businesses, especially startups, there isn’t a large budget for social media marketing and unlike many forms of advertising, social media marketing does not strictly require a large budget. Thus, you will learn how to attract potential customers while using most efficient social media channels. How to build your brand awareness and right product positioning?


Master Class for entrepreneurs, start-ups, big corporations managers.

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Planned location: Zoom Meeting

Date: 24th February, 2021

Start time: 6 pm (GMT+2)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Ticket price:  110 Eur

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First tickets - EARLY BIRD price with 50% discount


Maral Kalajian

Maral Kalajian is one of the most prominent faces in the Stockholm tech scene, with over 15 years of experience in digital, marketing and communication from corporate, startups and public sectors. Maral was listed as among the 100 most influential and impactful names in the Scandinavian startup scene by The Nordic Web. She was listed among the 100 super-communicators in Sweden and was also commended in the Global Women In Marketing Awards as an Industry Shaper. Co-founder of Peppy Pals, an edtech platform and SUP46 FemTech, a community-driven initiative. Currently advisory board at EPTI, a European venture builder and head of Nordic at Silicon Valley based neighborhood app Nextdoor.


Alma Master training format - 1.5 hour Online webinar

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