About product

Organization of MasterClass seminars by Lithuanian leaders.


2,5 hours of systematic information and active discussion on relevant topics at a time comfortable for you, after 6 p.m.


Psychology, pedagogy, healthy living, management of time and finances – a number of relevant topics, experienced lecturers, and discussions to answer all the questions you have been searching for the answers to.

What is a MasterClass seminar?

  • Designed for people who want to develop in a contemporary and modern way;

  • Format: 2,5 hours of systematic information on a relevant topic;

  • When? Evenings, after 6 p.m.

Why are MasterClass seminars useful?

  • Groups of up to 40 people, active discussion with the lecturer, comfortable environment;

  • Because your time is important to us, seminars take place in the evenings, after 6 p.m.;

  • We issue invoices to businesses, and certificates signed by lecturers.

How to sign up for seminars?

  • We open advance registration for a few relevant topics before the seminars. The most popular topic is then selected for a MasterClass seminar.

Get a special offer!

  • Early registration benefit of a 50% discount for MasterClass seminars;

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Didn’t find the answer or have a suggestion?

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Best Lithuanian Leaders

About personal development

Personal development is a life-long process. We ourselves are responsible for the skills we develop and whether we reach our potential. The ability to learn independently demonstrates not only our capability to reach for our goals independently and with motivation, but also to become competitive in our professional fields, to become leaders, and to effectively use our time for personal development.

The technological advancements of the past fifty years have changed the way we perceive learning. To keep up with the innovations of the changing world, and to be able to get systematic knowledge in only a few hours by listening to the experience of real leaders, we have created Alma Master, a platform where you can find video courses by Lithuanian professionals in different fields, and on a variety of topics, ranging from psychology to business development, or from financial and time management to pedagogy and healthy living.

Do you think that in today’s world personal development is a luxury and you have to find time for it? Video courses prove that we can improve simply by listening to the material while working out, walking, commuting, travelling, cooking dinner, or cleaning – it is easier than it seems!